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Act 3: Chapter 2

Act 3: Chapter 2

Act 3: Badboy Portrait

Chapter 2: Autumn Troupe Auditions
Translator: ciel
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Translator’s Notes:

  • Names are in Last Name, First Name format, and romanisations follow the official ones written on the cards.
  • The Protagonist/Director is referred to as her default name, Tachibana Izumi.
  • I personally chose nuance over exact translation, however I try my best to be faithful to the original material as much as possible.
  • Autumn Troupe (or really, just Banri and Juza) as the resident “bad boys” have terrible potty mouths, and in order to best represent that, there is swearing in my translation.
  • Sorry not sorry but my Kazu is literally just a walking meme….

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