Alice in Wonderland Event – All Sakuya Mini Conversations

Alice in Wonderland Event – All Sakuya Mini Conversations

Alice in Wonderland Event – All Sakuya Mini Conversations

Translator: Yukina

orz I have a fear of doing long translations, so here’s a short translation

Sakuya: Since my role is the Cheshire Cat, I was thinking about whether I could take on some cat-like behaviour in the play.

Sakuya: But, when I think it’s time to try, I find it difficult to behave as a cat with a mysterious aura…

Sakuya: Like, rubbing my face with my front paw, or walking like a cat.

Sakuya: Hmm…as I thought, it’d be best to observe the real thing, wouldn’t it?

Sakuya: Alright, I’ll stop by Veludo Way after school and observe Mike or Kuro’s behaviour!


Sakuya: Last night, I was thinking about the way some lines were said among other things while reading over the script.

Sakuya: Then Azuma asked “how about a break?” and suggested I did some colouring in.

Sakuya: I was thinking that the intricate patterns looked difficult to colour in, but once I started, it was so fun I lost myself in it.

Sakuya: It was fun talking to Azuma, and I felt refreshed after I finished colouring in.

Sakuya: I wonder if its the synergistic effect of colouring in and Azuma’s smile? It’s great isn’t it!


Sakuya: Director, what’s your favourite scene from a play?

Sakuya: I always end up talking about plays I like…So would you tell me what pieces you like?

Sakuya: I’d like to practice lines from the scenes you like.

Sakuya: And then, when I become good enough at acting those scenes, won’t you be the first to watch me?

Sakuya: I want to be so good at acting, that Director would think it were the best scene she’s ever seen.

Sakuya: Good morning!

Homare: Morning, Sakuya.

Homare: ….Oh? Your tie is crooked you know?

Sakuya: Ah, you’re right! Thank you very much. Homare always wears his neck tie really stylishly doesn’t he?

Homare: Of course. Its ettiquette for gentlemen. There are also many ways which you can tie a tie.

Sakuya: Is that right! I only know one way of doing it.

Homare: I’ll teach you sometime. Sakuya should learn from me, and aim to be a fine gentleman.

Sakuya: R-right, I’ll do my best! I look forward to learning from you!



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