Alice in Wonderland Event – All Masumi Mini Conversations

Alice in Wonderland Event – All Masumi Mini Conversations

Alice in Wonderland Event – All Masumi Mini Conversations

Translator: Yukina

Masumi needs to learn some chill


Masumi: Alice huh….? If you were acting in this, I’d want to be the White Rabbit.

Masumi: Of course, you’d be Alice.

Masumi: I want to be chased by you as Alice…. Actually, I want to take your hand and head to Wonderland with you.

Masumi: Whether you’re the size of my palm or 5 meters tall, you’d definitely be cute…

Masumi: Just now, after rehearsal, I was adjusting my costume.

Masumi: Yuki was being annoying, saying things like how the sleeve should be, how the collar should be…

Masumi: Also “you’re irritatingly stylish”, things that don’t make sense.

Masumi: Though after adjustment, the costume is just right and easy to move in.

Masumi: Hey, what do you think of my style?

Masumi: If you want me to be taller, I’ll start drinking 2 liters of milk starting today.


Masumi: Sigh…I like Director so much it’s painful.

Masumi: No matter how many hundreds of times, thousands of times I say I like you, it’s not enough.

Masumi: Because even just saying it isn’t enough, I’ve thought of writing a love letter as well. But once I start writing, I don’t have enough paper.

Masumi: I don’t know how I can convey my feelings….

Masumi: For now, can I hug you for a bit to show you a little of my feelings?

Masumi: ….No? Do you mean it’s because we’re in the hallway?



Azuma: Masumi, your bangs have grown slightly longer hasn’t it? How about you let the rest of your hair grow out as well?

Masumi: Long hair…is annoying.

Azuma: Really? Masumi has a mysterious kind of personality so I think you’d suit long hair.

Azuma: Even if you don’t get long hair, if you get a makeover, you might be able to get the person on your mind’s heart racing.

Masumi: ….!

Masumi: I’ll think about it.

Azuma: Fufu, I’ll be here to give you advice anytime okay?


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