Sakisaka Muku N Back Stage Story – 2D Diver

Sakisaka Muku N Back Stage Story – 2D Diver

Sakisaka Muku N ~Door to Summer~ Back Stage Story

Translator: Yukina

Izumi: Oh? This is….
Yuki: It’s Muku’s isn’t it?
Izumi: I wonder if he left it behind by accident, I’ll go give it back to him.
Yuki: See you.

Kazunari: I’ll get it~
Izumi: Is Muku here? I came to give him something he forgot…
Muku: …………………
Izumi: He’s taking his shoujo manga reading really seriously…
Kazunari: Mukkun has been like that for an hour already y’know~ He doesn’t even notice when I talk to him.
Izumi: Is that so? He’s completely absorbed in reading isn’t he?
Kazunari: Mukkun’s ability to concentrate when reading shoujo manga is srsly impressing.
Izumi: He must really like it, doesn’t he?
Kazunari: Ya that! Sometimes Mukkun recommends me shoujo manga as well, and when he does, he makes a super happy face! That’s why even I end up listening and agreeing~
Izumi: Is that right?
Izumi: (Muku and Kazunari are completely different types of people but they still get along well.)
Izumi: Though Muku doesn’t seem to be returning from the world of manga at all.
Muku: Sigh…
Izumi: Oh he’s back. Muku, this was in the living roo-
Muku: …!!!! Y-you’ve got it wrong! It’s not what it looks like!
Izumi: Wrong? Isn’t this yours?
Muku: I-I-I-I’m not trying to benefit from something like the slave trade….!!
Izumi: The slave trade!?
Muku: Ah, not in something so inhumane!!!
Kazunari: It’s Mukkun’s delusions again! Ahaha, slave trade is way too much tho!!!
Izumi: Muku what’s gotten into you?
Muku: Eh? U-uh? …! So-sorry! This story was just too interesting I got sucked into it..!
Izumi: Oh that’s why.
Izumi: (But is it a shoujo manga about human trafficking…?)
Izumi: Um, could I have a little read of it too?
Muku: Yes! Of course!
Kazunari: Ah, I’m interested too! Show me show me~!
Izumi: …It’s just a normal shoujo manga isn’t it?
Kazunari: Yup. School life, the kind with a love triangle?
Izumi: Where does the slave trade come in…?

Muku: What’s wrong Director?
Izumi: (Muku’s imagination is incredible…)

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