Act 2: Chapter 9

Act 2: Chapter 9

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 9: Everyone’s a Lead Actor?!
Translator: rie
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Translator’s Notes:

  • This isn’t even a proper note I just want to say I LOVE MISUMI AND KAZU’S INTERACTIONS thank u

Izumi: Hmm, is everyone here?

Tenma: Yeah. We can start now.

Izumi: No, we’re still missing one person…

Manager: Should I go look for the previous Summer Troupe’s videos again?

Izumi: Ah, that’s a good idea. Please do.

Tsuzuru: Excuse me~ Has it started already?

Izumi: Ah Tsuzuru-kun, you’re right on time. Come on in.

Tsuzuru: Alright~

Kazunari: Oh, it’s Tsuzurun!

Tsuzuru: Hey.

Izumi: Right, I’d like for us to decide the theme of the Summer Troupe’s first performance today. Ideas, anyone?

Yuki: How did the Spring Troupe decide their theme?

Tsuzuru: We decided to take on the previous Spring Troupe’s style.

Muku: Maybe we could do that too……?

Kazunari: Yeah, I think that’s good?

Misumi: What’s a Summer Troupe~?

Tenma: You’re asking that now?!

Kazunari: Summer Troupe’s the name of our team. All the members here are either in the Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter Troupe~

Misumi: I see~

Tenma: Aren’t you being a bit too vague.

Yuki: He’s surprisingly good at helping others out. As expected of the Socialite.

Kazunari: Sumi and I are friends, after all!

Misumi: Friends?

Kazunari: Yep, yep.

Misumi: Ehehe! I’m Kazu’s friend!

Tenma: So? What was the previous Summer Troupe’s style like?

Manager: The previous Summer Troupe was filled with actors who were skilled at getting the crowd to laugh~ They prided themselves on their refreshing comedic acts!
Many of our guests said that it felt like summer hadn’t truly come until they had watched one of Summer Troupe’s brainless comedies~

Tenma: Brainless comedy……?

Yuki: There it is, another complaint.

Tenma: I haven’t even said anything yet!

Yuki: Fine, say it.

Tenma: Comedy doesn’t suit me.

Yuki: See, it was a complaint after all. Besides, how can you say that when your hair colour literally screams ‘brainless’?

Tenma: How does my hair look ‘brainless’ in any way!

Izumi: (Mmm, I think it’d be good for us to go with the previous Summer Troupe’s style too, but……)
(Since it’s Tenma-kun, I’m guessing reverse psychology will work better than arguing against him?)
……Getting the audience to laugh is harder than getting them to cry, so I suppose it’d be good for us to avoid-

Tenma: Well, I suppose it’s fine if it’ll help improve my acting……since I’ve perfected bringing the audience to tears already.

Izumi: (Got him……!)
Right then, we’ll carry on the Summer Troupe tradition and go with comedy!

Yuki: She has him right in the palm of her hand.

Izumi: Tsuzuru-kun, do you have any ideas?

Tsuzuru: Ah, I’m planning to write the script so that it’s tailored to this team again, so it’d be good if you could decide the lead actor and secondary lead now.

Izumi: The lead actor, huh. Is there anyone who wants to volunteer-

Tenma: Obviously, the lead’s gonna be me.

Yuki: I’ll do it.

Kazunari: Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Muku: I-I want to do it.

Misumi: I’ll play the lead~

Izumi: I didn’t expect everyone to volunteer……

Tenma: Oi, you guys — are you seriously trying to compete against me with the amount of skill you have?

Kazunari: I’ll be able to invite all my friends if I’m the lead role. Plus I wanna stand out!

Yuki: If I’m going to do this, I might as well aim for the lead role. Besides, then I’ll be able to make and wear the fanciest costume myself.

Muku: I’ve always admired the protagonists of the manga I read……if I’m the lead actor, then maybe I’ll be able to become a hero too……

Misumi: I wanna play the role of a triangle! And of course, the triangle’s the main character!

Tsuzuru: Yeah, sorry to disappoint, but I’m pretty sure the role of the triangle’s not going to exist?

Tenma: You’ve got to be kidding me! There’s no way you amateurs can play the lead!

Yuki: Sakuya was the lead actor, and he was an amateur.

Tenma: He’s an exception!

Izumi: What should we do……it’s good that you’re all enthusiastic for this, but I didn’t expect all of you to want to stand out.

Tsuzuru: They’re totally different from the Spring Troupe~

Izumi: I guess we’ll have to decide who’s playing the lead role another day.

Tsuzuru: ……
A play where everyone’s a lead actor,huh……

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