Act 2: Chapter 8

Act 2: Chapter 8

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 8: A Hesitant Etude
Translator: rie
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Izumi: Right! We’ll now start the Summer Troupe’s very first practice!
As most of you are beginners, we’ll start off with a casual etude.

Yuki: What’s an etude?

Tenma: You don’t even know what an etude is?

Izumi: Alright, Tenma-kun. Explain away.

Tenma: ……An etude is an improvised act where actors perform on the spot without a script.
……Wait, why do I have to be the one doing the explaining?!

Izumi: (He complained but explained it properly anyway — deep down, he’s a good kid……)
I’d like to see you all try it out in pairs. The act will need to be 5 minutes long. You are free to choose any theme.
We’ll start off with Yuki-kun and Muku-kun.

Yuki: Okay~

Muku: A-Alright!

Izumi: Ready, go!

Yuki: ……

Muku: ……

Izumi: (Since it’s their first try, they’re both hesitating to start……)
You can go with anything you like. The goal of this is just to get you guys used to acting.

Yuki: ‘So, how’ve you been these days?’

Muku: E-Eh?! These days?

Yuki: ‘You know~ Like, has anything interesting happened? School’s super boring nowadays~’

Izumi: (He’s playing the role of a high school girl……!)

Kazunari: Yukki’s high school girl impression is perfect……

Muku: ‘I-It’s been boring for me too. You wanna hang out somewhere?’

Yuki: ‘Ah, that sounds good. Let’s go sing karaoke.’

Izumi: (A typical conversation between high school girls, huh. Both of them have cute faces, so the setting works well.)
(We’re about to hit the 5 minute mark. The conversation hasn’t ended either — for their first try, this is good enough.)
…..Alright, stop there!

Tenma: They’re not even acting. All they did was speak in a girly tone.

Izumi: I’m just trying to get them used to acting, so it’s fine. Next up is Kazunari-kun and Misumi-kun.

Kazunari: Yup.

Misumi: Triangle~?

Izumi: (I’m worried about Misumi-kun……)
Ready, go.

Kazunari: Hmm, what should I do……

Misumi: ……

Izumi: (Kazunari-kun’s stuck on how to start the etude, huh. Misumi-kun is……I can’t tell what he’s thinking at all.)

Kazunari: Ah, I got it!
‘Crap! I gotta get to the studio as fast as I can. I’ve got a magazine interview and a TV show filming to get to……’

Izumi: (I see. He’s playing the role of a celebrity. And Misumi-kun is……)

Misumi: ‘This way! I hailed a taxi so hurry up and get on!’

Izumi: (Eh……?)

Kazunari: What? A taxi?

Misumi: ‘That’s why I told you to check your schedule properly back at the agency. I called you this morning too — I bet you didn’t get up.’

Kazunari: ‘Y-Yeah, sorry!’

Izumi: (He’s playing the role of the manager……! He’s going along with Kazunari’s theme. I wonder if he has acting experience……)
(Misumi-kun’s actually guiding Kazunari-kun along……)
…..Alright, stop there!

Tenma: The madman Ikaruga is……

Yuki: He’s good.

Izumi: (Kazunari-kun’s a beginner like Yuki-kun and Muku-kun so he’s a little awkward, but Misumi-kun is different.)
(I suppose I can have higher hopes for him than expected……)
Next is Tenma-kun and……Misumi-kun, please go again.

Misumi: Sure~

Tenma: ……

Izumi: Go!

Tenma: ‘……’

Misumi: ‘……’

Izumi: (It’s like they’re waiting for each other to speak……)

Tenma: ‘……What?’

Misumi: ‘What do you mean, ‘what?’ I was just looking, that’s all.’

Tenma: ‘If you have something to say to me, just spit it out.’

Misumi: ‘Stop jumping to conclusions. ……You’ve always been this way.’

Tenma: ‘What are you trying to imply?’

Misumi: ‘You always talk back, despite being the younger brother.’

Tenma: ‘Younger brother? Oh, so now you’re going to act like an older brother, huh. When you can’t even be bothered to come home usually.’

Izumi: (They’re brothers who don’t get along…..they made good use of the tense air between them in the very beginning.)

Tenma: ‘Get off your high horse! You don’t know anything, not even about Dad’s sickness!’

Misumi: ‘Dad’s sickness……? What do you mean?’

Tenma: ‘……It’s got nothing to do with you.’

Misumi: ‘Of course it’s got something to do with me! What’s going on?!’

Izumi: (Tenma-kun and Misumi-kun are paying attention to each other’s words and moving the story along. As expected.)

Misumi: ‘…..I’m sorry. Please, tell me which hospital Dad’s staying in.’

Tenma: ‘…..I’ll drive you there.’

Misumi: ‘Thanks……’

Izumi: And…stop there.
(They managed to resolve the conflict within the 5 minutes……there was a proper start and finish to the act.)
As expected of Tenma-kun.

Tenma: Hmph — get it now? This is what an etude’s supposed to be like.
The rest of you were just running your mouths and spouting a whole bunch of nonsense.

Yuki: Can you not just let one thing go without commenting on it? Your twisted personality is what makes you truly crappy.

Tenma: I was just stating the truth!

Izumi: (This is the part of him that needs to be improved on……we have a long way to go before we can call this ‘teamwork.’)
You two, cut it out.
By the way, we haven’t decided on a leader yet, have we?

Tenma: Who else is going to do it, other than me? No one else here is suitable for the role.

Yuki: Haaaaah? Wow, it must be hard to breathe when you’re smothered by such a heavy layer of ego.

Tenma: What do you mean?!

Yuki: There’s no way you could be the leader, Crappy Actor.

Tenma: What did you say?!

Kazunari: Oh, shall I be the leader then~?

Yuki: No thanks.

Tenma: No thanks.

Kazunari: Ehhhh~

Misumi: I’m fine with anyone~

Izumi: Muku-kun, what do you think?

Muku: Eh?! U-Ummm……
Tenma-kun has the most acting experience out of the five of us so……I think he should be the leader, since he’ll be able to offer the most guidance.

Yuki: Seriously? When you say he has the ‘most acting experience,’ you know that it’s limited to acting experience, right?

Tenma: What do you mean, ‘limited’?

Yuki: I mean exactly what I said.

Izumi: Okay okay, stop! I think Muku-kun’s opinion is a logical one, so I’ll be appointing Tenma-kun as the leader.

Tenma: That’s right.

Yuki: Ehhhhh.

Izumi: However, Tenma-kun, since you’re the leader, make sure to act like one, alright?

Tenma: Of course. I’m so fit for the role, you could even say I was born a leader-

Yuki: This is exactly what she’s trying to tell you to stop doing.

Tenma: What? You have no right to be telling me things like this!

Izumi: (I just hope becoming a leader helps him learn the importance of teamwork……)

Yuki: This is why you’re crappy.

Tenma: Which part of me is crappy, huh?!

Yuki: Your existence in itself is.

Tenma: What did you say?!

Izumi: (We have a long way to go……ah, I remember thinking this about the Spring Troupe too.)

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