Act 2: Chapter 7

Act 2: Chapter 7

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 7: The Free Spirit Who Does as He Pleases
Translator: rie
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???: Onigiri are such a mystery~!

Izumi: !!

Masumi: ……


Yuki: Wha-

Kazunari: Could this be a legit ghost sighting?!

Muku: N-Nooooo! It’s the O-Onigiri Monster!
Ahhh I’m sure of it, the grain of rice I left behind when I was five has come back as a spirit and now it’s determined to mix me with chicken and turn me into onigiri filling……!

Izumi: (What is he talking about……?!)


Yuki: Stop it! Get off me!

???: Does everyone here want a triangle~?

Izumi: I-It spoke……!

Kazunari: ……Heyy, who’re you~?

Misumi: Me? I’m Ikaruga Misumi~

Izumi: Kazunari-kun, how could you just go up to it and- wait, a human?

Masumi: Intruder.

Izumi: W-well, that’s for sure, but……since he’s eating onigiri, I guess he’s not a ghost?

Masumi: His stuff’s all over the place.

Izumi: (There’s even stuff hung up……this is beyond the level of him just smuggling his personal belongings in here!)

Yuki: It’s all junk though?

Misumi: This isn’t junk~ They’re all my treasures!

Izumi: ……How long have you been living in here for?

Misumi: Mm……before something started happening at the theater?

Izumi: You were here before the Romeo and Juliet performances started?! So you’ve been here for weeks now?!

Manager: I had no idea……

Yuki: Is the security here alright……

Manager: I take locking up very seriously!

Yuki: But you’ve been avoiding this room the entire time, right.

Manager: Well……

Misumi: The window was open so I managed to get in~

Masumi: This is the second floor.

Izumi: Which means you climbed up here……?!

Manager: A-Anyway, this is trespassing! I’m reporting you to the cops!

Izumi: Say that when you’re not hiding behind Masumi-kun!

Masumi: Should we tie him up?

Misumi: Ah! Leave this onigiri alone!! It’s mine!

Izumi: !!

Kazunari: Amazeballs! He’s running on the walls!

Tenma: What extraordinary agility……

Manager: S-Stop right there! Don’t run in the corridors- I mean, on the walls of the dorm!

Izumi: That’s what you’re concerned about?!

Masumi: I’ll chase him down.

Izumi: Okay!
(But he’s so fast, he’s impossible to follow-)

Misumi: ……Mm? I smell something good!

Izumi: (He jumped down an entire flight of stairs?! How can his steps be this light……!)

Citron: (humming) Today’s lunch is onigiri made by me~

Misumi: ……Onigiri!

Citron: ?!
Where did my onigiri go?!

Misumi: (chewing) ……Delicious~

Citron: Who are you?

Misumi: (still chewing) ……I’m Misumi~

Izumi: (panting) We finally caught up to him……

Manager: T-T-T-There’s nowhere for you to run now!

Masumi: Don’t cling against my back.

Izumi: Misumi-kun, why were you living in our dorms?

Misumi: Because I have nowhere else to go~

Izumi: ……

Manager: Alright, now I just have to call the cops-

Izumi: Misumi-kun, do you have any interest in acting?

Manager: Ehhhh?!

Yuki: Are you out of your mind?

Tenma: You’re kidding me!

Masumi: You’re going to recruit him?

Izumi: (That agility of his isn’t something you can find in anyone. He’s able to move like that because he has a well-trained core.)
(This is definitely a skill that’s useful in acting. We’ll even be able to add in acrobatic elements into the Summer Troupe’s performance!)

Misumi: Acting? I know what that is.

Izumi: Would you like to try it out? If you do, we’ll let you keep that room.

Misumi: Can I still eat onigiri?

Izumi: Yep. Day and night.

Misumi: I’ll do it!

Izumi: Right, we’re decided then.

Yuki: Don’t blame me even if something goes wrong.

Tenma: I’m going to have to act with that……?

Kazunari: I don’t really get what’s goin’ on, but we’re really livin’ it up now! Sumi, let’s get along!

Muku: I-I look forward to working with you.

Masumi: ……You really are okay with anyone, aren’t you?

Izumi: Don’t put it in such a misleading way!

Citron: Oooh, now the Summer Troupe’s compliant!

Izumi: Complete, you mean. And yes, we now have five members!

Yuki: So? How are we going to split the rooms?

Izumi: I guess Tenma-kun can share Room 203 with Misumi-kun?

Tenma: ……

Misumi: Hey~ Can I have another onigiri~?

Citron: Have as many as you want! In honour of the Summer Troupe.

Misumi: Yaaaaay! Triangle, triangle~!

Tenma: ……Oi, Rurikawa. I’ll make do with sharing the same room as you.

Yuki: Haaaah? No one said you had to share with me, you know?

Tenma: Shut up! I’m going to be sleeping in Room 201 whether you like it or not!

Yuki: Don’t go deciding things on your own.

Izumi: (I’m the most worried about this pair sharing the same room……)

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