Act 2: Chapter 6

Act 2: Chapter 6

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 6: The Seven Mysteries of MANKAI Theater
Translator: rie
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Kazunari: “Ayyy, this is gonna be my #crib from now on.” And…post!
Woah, there are 500 likes already! Awesome!

Izumi: Kazunari-kun, what are you doing?

Kazunari: I was just postin’ a pic of this place on Insta.

Izumi: (If I remember correctly, Insta’s the name of a social network where you can share photos. As expected, he’s good with things like this.)

Muku: I didn’t know the dorms were this spacious.

Yuki: This place was made to fit 20 people, after all.

Tenma: ……This is smaller than my house.

Muku: Eh?! Tenma’s house must be huge!!

Yuki: He’s probably just freeloading in a studio somewhere.

Tenma: Why the heck would I do that?!

Izumi: Everyone, I’ll split you into your different rooms now, so gather round.
All the rooms in this dorm are made to fit two, so I’ll be splitting you all between 3 rooms, but-

Tenma: Don’t expect me to share a room with anyone but myself.

Yuki: She literally just said they fit two. Are you even listening?

Tenma: Haaah?

Kazunari: I’ve been rejected once by Yukki already, so — Mukkun, room with me~!

Muku: Eh? Me? If you’re okay with someone like me, then sure.

Kazunari: Yas~! We’re roommates from today onwards!

Muku: Please take good care of me.

Izumi: Alright, can the two of you use Room 202, then?

Kazunari: Okie dokes.

Muku: Yes, sure.

Yuki: As expected of the Socialite……he works fast.

Tenma: Cool, then we can split the other two rooms between the two of us.

Izumi: Yep. We’ll have to talk things over again if someone else joins later on, but for now, you can each have a room to yourselves.

Tenma: I’m taking Room 203.

Yuki: Who gave you the permission to decide on your own?

Izumi: Yuki-kun, do you mind using Room 201?

Yuki: Well, no, not really……

Tenma: Then don’t complain.

Yuki: Says you?!

Manager: Did you say Room 203……?

Izumi: ?!
Manager, don’t suddenly pop up from behind me!

Manager: Sorry about that……but Room 203 is bit of a problem……

Izumi: In what way is it a problem?

Manager: The truth is……there’s something known as the ‘Seven Mysteries of MANKAI Theater’ here……

Izumi: Seven mysteries……?

Manager: It’s said on some days, voices can be heard from Room 203, even though it’s supposedly empty……

Izumi: Eh……?

Manager: I’ve been avoiding it in fear, so it hasn’t been cleaned in a long, long time……

Izumi: That in itself is terrifying enough to scare me off! Why didn’t you tell me something this important earlier?!

Manager: I had a hangover……I just woke up……

Yuki: Oh, that’s why he’s talking so slow.

Tenma: Oi, Rurikawa — switch rooms with me……

Yuki: Haaah? Don’t tell me you’re scared?

Tenma: Who said anything about being scared!

Yuki: You’re the one who said you wanted to take Room 203.

Tenma: I’ve changed my mind.

Yuki: Haha, no.

Tenma: What did you say?! You do know that I’m older than you, right?!

Yuki: So?

Tenma: Respect your elders!

Yuki: Kazunari’s the oldest one here but he’s not complaining about sharing rooms, is he?

Kazunari: Ah, does that mean I did something good? Was I, like, a true mature adult? Yukki, compliment me more~

Yuki: Yep yep.

Tenma: Respect me too!

Yuki: You wish.

Tenma: What did you say?!

Muku: C-Calm down everyone.

Izumi: For now, let’s just go and look at Room 203 together. It’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with it.

Tenma: ……Fine. If I hear anything at all that sounds dodgy, don’t even think about making me use Room 203, alright?!

Yuki: God, how selfish can you get.

Tenma: Just shut up!

Izumi: ……
Can anyone hear anything?

Yuki: Mmmmm, nope.

???: ……-ngle.

Tenma: Shh.

Izumi: ?

???: ……-aaaangle.

Izumi: !!

Tenma: I hear it!

Muku: I can hear something!

Kazunari: A cursed room for realsies! Imma take a pic and post it on Insta!

Tenma: Don’t! What are you going to do if you actually manage to take a photo of it!

Yuki: He’s totally scared.

Tenma: Shut up!

Izumi: W-Well, it’s not like we know that it’s a ghost for sure.

Yuki: Maybe it’s an intruder?

Manager: That sounds scary too……

Izumi: ……Let’s go in and see.

Manager: Ehhhh?! B-But it’s been left alone for so long already……

Izumi: We won’t be able to use the room until we check. Let’s find out what it is.

Manager: But that’s dangerous! If it’s really an intruder-

Izumi: With this many people gathered, we’ll be fine.

Yuki: Wouldn’t it be better for a guy to go in first, instead of a girl?

Izumi: Well, if we’re looking for a guy then……

Manager: F-Fine……I’ll do something about it. Just wait a moment.

Izumi: (We might actually be able to rely on Manager for once…….!)

Manager: Sorry for the wait! Proudly presenting…Director’s 24-hour security guard, Masumi-kun!

Masumi: ……What?

Izumi: (I take that back. Manager will always be Manager……)

Masumi: What are you doing?

Izumi: There’s weird sounds coming from this room, so I thought I’d check to see what’s inside……

Masumi: ……I’ll go in. Director, stay back.

Izumi: Please be careful.

Masumi: ……

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