Act 2: Chapter 12

Act 2: Chapter 12

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 12: A Hectic Read-Through
Translator: rie
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Izumi: We’ll be starting read-throughs of the play today. You’ve all gone through the script once, yes?

Yuki: Yep~

Tenma: Of course.

Misumi: What’s a script~?

Muku: It’s the script that Tsuzuru-san wrote for us a while back.

Kazunari: Sumi, the one where you play the role of the genie, remember?

Misumi: The genie of the lamp~!

Kazunari: Yep, yep.

Izumi: (I wonder if we’ll be okay……)
Try to get a better grasp of the character you’re playing as you read your lines, alright?
Alright then, from the very top.

Yuki: ‘Tonight, too, I shall tell a story. Yes, one of the thousand stories I know……’

Izumi: (This time, we’re performing a comedy based on Arabian Nights.)
(The story is centered on a pair of childhood friends, Scheherazade and Alibaba, where the main characters attempt to discover the legendary oasis……)

Tenma: ‘Please, tell me, Scheherazade! Where is the oasis — the legendary paradise?!’

Yuki: ‘Tonight, too, I shall tell you a story. Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom……’

Tenma: ‘This introduction is taking too long! Just summarise it into three points!’

Yuki: ‘Aladdin, a magic lamp, a genie.’

Izumi: (Yuki-kun’s still not quite there yet, but Tenma-kun’s already gotten a good grasp of his role as Alibaba.)
(There’s no problem with the way he acts out the comedic parts too. He really is skilled……)

Kazunari: ‘Aladdin……? How does that have anything to do with me?’
‘Oh well. Hey, you’re cute. What’s your name?’

Izumi: (Kazunari-kun personality is similar to Aladdin’s flirty personality, so it seems like a pretty easy role for him. I guess the fact Tsuzuru-kun wrote the play with these actors in mind is really helping.)

Misumi: ‘I am the genie of the lamp. I can grant three of your wishes. Master, what do you wish for?’

Tenma: ‘Gaaaah! My backside’s on fire!’

Kazunari: ‘Can’t you tell just by looking?! Do something about that magician and the huge snake!’

Misumi: ‘The magician and the huge snake, yes? That will cost you two wishes in total — are you sure?’

Kazunari: ‘Who cares, just hurry up and do something about them!’

Misumi: ‘Your wish is my command.’

Izumi: (Misumi-kun’s in character too. His eccentric personality fits well with his role as the genie.)

Tenma: ‘How do you not know where the gold is?! You’re Sinbad!

Muku: Um……
‘Grow up, Alibaba. Something like a legendary paradise doesn’t exist. There is no way to instantly become a billionaire. Go find a job like everyone else.’

Tenma: ……What the heck was that? Stop speaking like you’re being forced to read out loud in class or something.

Muku: S-Sorry!
‘Grow up, Al-Ale-’
Ah, sorry.

Tenma: Haa……

Yuki: Can you stop interrupting us every 5 seconds? You’re just making things harder.

Tenma: And whose fault do you think that is?!

Muku: I-I’m sorry……it’s all my fault for being stupid and an idiot and nothing more than absolute junk……

Tenma: I didn’t mention anything like that!

Yuki: He didn’t mention anything like that.

Tenma: Just try again.

Muku: ‘Grow up, Alibaba. Something like a lag-‘

Tenma: Legendary.

Muku: I’m sorry!

Tenma: Haa……

Izumi: (Mmm……it’s even easier to make mistakes when you’re under pressure like that.)

Yuki: ‘I’ve managed to delay it until now, but there’s nothing I can do anymore. The King is-’

Tenma: The King will.

Yuki: I messed up.

Tenma: Haaaaaaa.

Yuki: Stop with all the haa-ing. What are you, a pervert?

Tenma: What did you say?!

Izumi: Come on, let’s continue.

Tenma: ……

Izumi: And that’s the end. Well, at least we managed to get through the entire play.

Tenma: This is ridiculous.
Do you really think you can act on the same stage as me in this state! Especially you, Sakisaka! You’re nothing but a hindrance!
You can’t even say the lines properly, much less in character

Izumi: Tenma-kun, stop! It’s just not possible for everyone to start off at the same level as you.

Tenma: ……
I can’t deal with this. Just practice without me.

Izumi: Think about how you can improve everyone’s acting as the leader. It’s you, Tenma-kun, I’m sure you can do it.

Tenma: ……

Muku: He left……

Yuki: Just ignore him.

Muku: Sorry……it’s my fault, isn’t it? It’s all because I’m a failure and trash and a useless grain of rice……

Kazunari: Mukkun, no one said anything about that! Besides, does being a grain of rice even count as an insult?!

Muku: Ah, t-that’s true. Sorry……

Yuki: Muku, you say some really weird things sometimes.

Misumi: Muku, cheer up~ Here, I’ll even give you this triangle.

Muku: Eh? A tiny eraser? Thank you.

Izumi: (I wonder if Tenma-kun’s alright. I hope he manages to cool off.)

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