Act 2: Chapter 11

Act 2: Chapter 11

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 11: Sakisaka Muku’s Dream
Translator: rie
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Izumi: (Tonight’s dinner is a tomato curry filled with fresh vegetables……)
Wait?! We’re out of tomatoes?!
Mmm……I could just make it a chicken curry instead, but I’m in the mood for tomato curry…..
There’s still time, so I guess I’ll go out and buy some. I’ll get some fruits for dessert while I’m there.

Muku: I’m home.

Izumi: Ah, welcome back, Muku-kun.

Muku: Huh? Director-san, are you about to go somewhere?

Izumi: Yeah, just to buy some groceries for dinner.

Muku: Would you like me to help carry them for you……?

Izumi: Eh? Are you sure?

Muku: Yes. Of course.

Izumi: Thanks!

Izumi: I’m sorry I got carried away and bought too much just because you came with me Muku-kun…I’ll carry half of that.

Muku: Don’t worry, this is nothing.

Izumi: You’re unexpectedly strong, despite your appearance.

Muku: N-No……this really isn’t a big deal or anything.

Izumi: (Or so he says, but he’s effortlessly carrying a massive bag of groceries……)
Could it be that you used to do some kind of sport?

Muku: Actually, I was in the Track and Field Club for a long time.

Izumi: Woah! Really?

Muku: I spent all my free time out of class doing club activities.

Izumi: I’m a little surprised. I thought you’d be the type to spend your time reading in the library.

Muku: I get told that quite a lot.
So, spending all my free time practicing with the theater now reminds me a little of the past.

Track and Field Club Member A: Huh? Sakisaka?

Muku: Ah……

Track and Field Club Member B: It’s been a while.

Muku: Y-Yeah, it’s been a while……

Track and Field Club Member A: ……

Muku: ……

Izumi: (Friends from school, maybe? But the atmosphere between them is a little off……)

Track and Field Club Member B: ……Kinda feels like I never see you anymore, even though we’re in the same school.

Muku: Y-Yeah, it really does.

Track and Field Club Member A: What are you doing nowadays?

Muku: Nothing much……

Track and Field Club Member A: I see……

Muku: Um, good luck with practice.

Track and Field Club Member A: T-Thanks. Bye.

Track and Field Club Member B: See you.

Muku: ……

Izumi: Are they friends from school?

Muku: They’re former teammates from the Track and Field Club.

Izumi: Former?

Muku: I quit the club after an injury. It was stupid of me, wasn’t it — they even called me the ace me back then. Everyone had high hopes for me.

Izumi: I see. ……Did you run races?

Muku: Yes. The protagonist of one of my favourite shoujo manga was the ace of their Track and Field Club, and I really admired that, so I joined the club.
I practiced everyday and did my best so I could become the ace and be just as cool……

Izumi: Your dream came true, then.

Muku: Yes, it did. But at some point, my dream changed from wanting to become the ace to wanting to win with the rest of my team.

Izumi: They must’ve been good teammates.

Muku: Yes, they really were.

Izumi: (Those kids were hesitating just now because they didn’t know how to talk to Muku, huh.)

Muku: The dream we chased together back then is a dream that I can no longer see.
I’m sure everyone would laugh if they knew that I was now trying to become like the prince of a shoujo manga on stage instead.

Izumi: That’s not true.
Why don’t you invite those friends to the performance? Show them your acting, Muku-kun.

Muku: Eh? But I’m……

Izumi: Show them what you’ve been working hard on, in replacement of the Track and Field Club. Put on a show that you won’t feel ashamed of to perform in front of them.

Muku: ……I will.

Izumi: And someday, you can play the role of a prince.

Muku: Yes! I’ll do my very best!

Muku: Uwaaaaaah!

Izumi: Ah, the pears are falling out!

Muku: Uwaaaaah, wait! Wait!

Izumi: Stop right there!!

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