Act 2: Chapter 10

Act 2: Chapter 10

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 10: One Thousand and One Nights
Translator: rie
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Muku: Ah, Yuki-kun!!

Yuki: ‘Yuki’?

Muku: Ah, sorry. Can I call you ‘Yuki-kun’?

Yuki: I don’t really mind……but what?

Muku: Let’s go home together.

Yuki: ……What are you going to do if people find out that we’re living in together in the same dorms?

Muku: Eh? Is that a bad thing……?

Yuki: Duh, we’ll get laughed at if others know we’re acting in a theater, Fairytale Boy.

Muku: Ah……I’m sorry. You’re right. If you’re with me, you’ll get laughed at too…..
We’ll totally get called the ‘Pea-sized Pair’ and laughed at because ‘our heights and baby faces fit too well together’……

Yuki: Um, I’m pretty sure no one’s actually going to say that?! Also, you basically just dissed me indirectly.

Muku: O-Oh, right. Sorry.

Yuki: That’s not what I was worried about. We just stand out together.

Muku: O-Okay. I’ll walk away from you.

Yuki: ……

Kazunari: Hey guys! Y’all look mega adorbs in your uniforms~! Why are y’all walking so far apart?

Yuki: It’s camouflage.

Kazunari: Woah, that’s so cool! You totally sounded like a celebrity just now!

Yuki: ? What’s this car doing here.

Kazunari: It’s a Porsche!

Tenma: Don’t make a racket in the middle of the street. How embarrassing.

Yuki: You’re the embarrassing one, driving in this narrow road with a car like that.

Tenma: How is my car embarrassing in any way!

Yuki: It’s owner is embarrassing.

Tenma: ? It’s owner……wait, that’s me! How am I embarrassing?!

Yuki: C-Come on, we’ll stand out even more like this.

Tenma: Hmph. Igawa, you can leave now. I’ll walk the rest of the way myself.

Kazunari: As expected of Tenten — he has a manager that drives him around!

Yuki: I’m home~

Muku: I’m home.

Izumi: Welcome back, everyone!

Misumi: Welcome back~

Izumi: You guys came home together, huh. By the way, we’re having curry for dinner together!

Kazunari: We had curry yesterday and the day before too.

Yuki: There she is, the Lord of Curry……

Muku: But Director-san’s curry really does taste good.

Izumi: For today’s curry, I’ve arranged the spices so that-

Tenma: I don’t want to know about it.

Misumi: I’ll pour curry over my triangular onigiri~

???: U-Ugh……

Izumi: Did I just hear a groan……?!

Tsuzuru: ……

Kazunari: Uwah?! Tsuzurun, what’s wrong?! You look like death!

Tsuzuru: I’m done……

Izumi: Eh?! By ‘done,’ you don’t mean……?!

Tsuzuru: The Summer Troupe’s……script……

Kazunari: Earth to Tsuzuruuuun!

Tenma: O-Oi!

Muku: S-Someone, call an ambulance!!

Misumi: Want an onigiri~?

Izumi: Don’t worry, he’ll get up soon.

Yuki: He’s just asleep.

Izumi: I guess he stayed up all night writing again. Let’s carry him onto the couch.

Tsuzuru: ……Huh?

Izumi: Tsuzuru-kun, are you feeling okay?

Tsuzuru: Ah, I’m sorry……I suddenly just got really tired……

Yuki: Gosh, you really are a handful.

Tenma: You can say that again.

Muku: Um, did you finish writing the play?

Tsuzuru: Yep, it’s all done. Director, please check through it for me.

Izumi: Got it. What did you pick as the title?

Tsuzuru: Since everyone wanted to play the lead role, I based the play on Arabian Nights.

Yuki: So like, One Thousand and One Nights?

Muku: Oh right, there’s a lot of different lead roles in that.

Izumi: I see — so everyone gets to play a lead role, then!

Misumi: Am I playing the role of a triangle~?

Tsuzuru: Sorry, but there isn’t one.
By the way, I’ve given the primary lead role of Alibaba to Tenma, since he’s the leader, with Yuki playing Scheherazade.

Tenma: That’s right.

Yuki: Making the costume for the princess of Arabian Nights sounds like it’s going to be fun.

Tsuzuru: Miyoshi-san will be playing Aladdin, Muku will be playing Sinbad, and Ikaruga-san will be playing the Genie of the Lamp.

Kazunari: Aladdin? Sounds awesome. Plus, he’s well-known~!

Muku: Sinbad’s the hero who sails across the seas, right! That’s amazing!

Misumi: A genie, huh~ Lamps are kinda like triangles, so that sounds good~

Izumi: I’m glad the problem we had with the lead role’s been solved. As expected of you, Tsuzuru-kun!

Tsuzuru: Thanks.

Tenma: But with Arabian Nights, it’s important that the costumes don’t look cheap, right?
Will we be okay letting this guy make them on his own?

Yuki: I’ll use organdie and sequins……yeah, I’ve got a lot of good ideas.
I really want to make the costumes for this one. Please let me do it.

Izumi: Of course!

Kazunari: Well then, I’ll design something that matches Yukki’s costumes.

Izumi: We’re relying on you again this time!

Tenma: Everything’s seriously gonna be handmade……are you sure we’re gonna be okay?

Manager: Director, are you here~?

Izumi: Ah, Manager. What’s wrong?

Manager: I found tapes of the Summer Troupe rehearsals when I was cleaning the storeroom. Do you think they’ll be helpful?

Tsuzuru: Wow, they really are old.

Izumi: Is that a VHS cassette?

Manager: Yeah. But the VHS player here broke a while back……

Izumi: It’s hard to find VHS players nowadays, isn’t it.

Yuki: What is that?

Muku: I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Manager: Is this what they call the generation gap……?! I guess I really am getting old……

Izumi: C-Cheer up, please!
Anyway, what should we do — the VHS player doesn’t work.

Manager: Hmmmm……

Kazunari: Do you think you could let me take care of that~?

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