Act 2: Chapter 4

Act 2: Chapter 4

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 4: ‘Crappy Actor’
Translator: rie
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Kazunari: Tenten, you’re awesome……!

Muku: As expected of a professional actor — he’s on a totally different level……!

Tenma: Of course.

Yuki: Mediocre.

Tenma: What did you say?!

Izumi: Right, the exercise is over. Good job, everyone.

Tenma: Hah? It’s over already?

Muku: Is there nothing else we have to do…….?

Yuki: So, what’s the final verdict?

Izumi: Everyone passes.

Tenma: Haaaaah?!

Muku: By ‘everyone’ you mean……even me?

Yuki: Well, I guess they are short on members here.

Kazunari: Cheers to us for all getting in~! Let’s exchange numbers, y’all!

Tenma: You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you saying that I have to work with these total amateurs?

Yuki: …….How condescending do you have to be before you’re satisfied, you crappy actor!

Tenma: If you really think I’m so crappy, tell me the reason to my face!

Yuki: You’re crappy because you literally can’t take a single hint!

Tenma: What?!

Muku: D-don’t fight, you two.

Kazunari: Come on, come on — let’s all get along with each other!

Sakuya: This reminds me of what Masumi-kun and Tsuzuru-kun used to be like~

Itaru: A cute younger member pair and a pair that’s always bantering with each other. To top that off, we have an otokonoko.¹ I heard they’re all the rage right now.

Citron: We’ll be rolling in cash with these great combos~

Tsuzuru: Please stop, it’s painful listening to two adults talk like otaku.

Yuki: Those on the sidelines, you’re too loud!

Tenma: Keep your mouths shut!

Izumi: (These two might actually be able to get along with each other if they try……)

Tenma: In the first place, you need to learn to respect those older than you-

Yuki: Don’t you know there’s something called the ‘mental age’?

Tenma: What do you mean?!

Izumi: Stop right there!
Since we don’t have enough people and we’re short on time, it’s confirmed that everyone passed the audition.
If you have a problem with that, we’ll have to ask you to leave, Tenma-kun……is that okay with you?

Tenma: You’d take me off the team?!

Izumi: If you refuse to work with these members, then yes, we have no other choice.

Tenma: ……Fine. I’ll work with them.

Izumi: Right, that’s decided then.
(Still, there has to be a reason why he decided to join our company……)

Hey, Tenma-kun — why did you decide to audition here?

Tenma: That’s because……

Sakuya: ???

Izumi: (I wonder why he looked over at Sakuya-kun just now.)

Tenma: I want to improve my acting and I’m lacking experience when it comes to performing on stage, so I was looking for a theater company.
Then I came to see these guys’ performance to kill time, and……I thought it wasn’t bad, that’s all.
Though everything up until the last part was so boring, there were so many times where I was tempted to just get up and leave.

Tsuzuru: Everything up until the last part was boring……?

Itaru: Just let it go.

Sakuya: So you watched our Romeo and Juliet! Thank you so much!

Tenma: I-It’s no big deal……

Izumi: (So he came here because he liked the Spring Troupe’s performance……that makes me kind of happy.)
(I was worried that his personality would cause problems, but it seems like he’ll be just fine.)
Alright then — everyone, work hard together as the new members of the Summer Troupe!

Yuki: Okay~

Kazunari: Yas~

Muku: I look forward to working with you all!

Tenma: Haa, guess it can’t be helped.

Translation Footnotes:
¹ Otokonoko (男の子) is a term used to describe men who crossdress as women

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