Act 3: Chapter 4

Act 3: Chapter 4

Act 3: Badboy Portrait

Chapter 4: Seriousness Towards Acting
Translator: ciel
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Translator’s Notes:

  • Names are in Last Name, First Name format, and romanisations follow the official ones written on the cards.
  • The Protagonist/Director is referred to as her default name, Tachibana Izumi.
  • I personally chose nuance over exact translation, however I try my best to be faithful to the original material as much as possible.
  • Autumn Troupe (or really, just Banri and Juza) as the resident “bad boys” have terrible potty mouths, and in order to best represent that, there is swearing in my translation.

Izumi: Well then, next up is, uhh, which one of you two delinquents are going to start first?

Sharp-eyed youth: I guess I’ll go

Juza: Who the fuck said you could decide?

Sharp-eyed youth: Aa? It’s first come first served.

Juza: And who the fuck decided those rules?

Izumi: Alright, alright, that’s enough. Anyway, you, the sharp-eyed one over there, will you introduce yourself?

Banri: Settsu Banri. Hanasaki Gakuen, third year. I’ve got no acting experience.

Banri: (with excitement and emotion) “Hello, mom? It’s me. I just went to check the results.”

Banri: “Yeah, I was accepted. Hahaha, yes really! Yeah, I can’t believe it though.”

Banri: “Thanks.”

Izumi: (Wait what? He’s good. He got all the pauses on point too.)

Izumi: Are you sure you’re not someone with experience?

Banri: None at all. But even if it’s my first time, this is a piece of cake.

Izumi: (You really can’t judge people by their appearances. If he improves, he’ll probably be able to do any role well.)

Izumi: Anyway, next is, the one with the slick-back hair…Juza-kun, was it?

Juza: Hyodo Juza. Third year at Ouka High School. I’ve never done acting.

Juza: (loud, with fake-sounding energy) “Hello, mom? It’s me. I just went to check the results.”

Juza: “Yeah, I was accepted. Y-Yes really!! I can’t believe it though.”

Juza: “Thank you!!”

Izumi: …….

Izumi: (That was all sorts of amazing…ly bad. On the contrary, it’s more surprising for someone to actually be that bad, even if he’s an amateur. I somehow can totally relate…..)

Banri: ……..HAHAHAHAHA! The fuck, was that!? You’re total crap! Are you for real!? AHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god I’m gonna die from laughing!

Izumi: Stop that, Banri-kun!


Izumi: Juza-kun you too, no fighting okay!?

Juza: ….I know I’m bad. But I want to act, no matter what. Please let me join!

Izumi: eh…

Juza: ….I’m begging you.

Izumi: (Even though he’s being made fun of, he’s bowing his head without the slightest concern. Juza-kun, he really, truly wants to do stage acting…)

Izumi: …The most important thing in acting is how you feel towards it, and your ambition to improve. We gladly welcome you.

Juza: Are you sure…..?

Izumi: It’s fine! We’re stocked up on special training menus for complete newbies like you!

Izumi: (Looks like those special training menus that I researched for myself will come to good use!)

Juza: Thanks, I’ll be in your care.

Banri: Oi oi, are you serious? You mean he can get in even with that kind of shitty acting?

Sakyo: Well, if it was me, I’d take him over someone who’s somewhat good but lacking the passion.

Banri: Aah? Who the fuck do you think you’re saying that to, old geezer?

Sakyo: ……..I could say the same, who do you think you’re staring at?

Izumi: (Ah!! Oh no there’s fire starting over here too….!)

Izumi: Lastly, can we get Sakyo-san? Please!

Sakyo: I’m Furuichi Sakyo. My acting experience is limited to just a bit when I was a kid.

Izumi: (I guess it was around when he was in that old video of the original Summer Troupe? So he hasn’t acted since he became an adult.)

Izumi: Okay then, please proceed with the task.

Sakyo: …… (gently & calmly) “Hello, mom? It’s me. I just went to check the results.”

Sakyo: “Yeah, I was accepted. Yes, really. Yeah, I can’t believe it though.”

Sakyo: “Thanks.”

Izumi: (Amazing. You’d never think he took a long break from acting. It’s not just that he’s good, but he’s the only one with such refined technique……)

Izumi: (Sakyo-san will immediately be a great addition for us)

Izumi: …..And with that, the task is done.

Izumi: As for the results, all five of you have passed!

Sakyo: It’s the exact cast number you need after all.

Omi: Thank goodness.

Kazunari: ‘grats, Autumn Troupe~!

Muku: Congratulations!

Taichi: Woot, thanks!

Yuki: What a bunch of hoodlums

Banri: I mean, if Hyodo gets in, anyone would, duh.

Juza: Hey fucker, you don’t have the slightest interest in acting, don’t you? Just quit already.

Banri: Hah?? I’m totally better than a total radish¹ like you. You’re the one who should rolling back to the fields. Know your place, asshat.

Juza: The fuck did you just say?

Izumi: Wait, both of you, fighting is–

Banri: I’m sayin’ you should just act like the radish you are and be a part of flavouring miso soup.

Juza: Who the fuck’s a radish? I could say the same about you. Take your foxy face back to the mountains.

Izumi: (They’re not listening to me at all….)

Sakyo: Will you both just shut the fuck up!? I don’t want to hear anymore of this nonsense! Director said everyone’s passed! Just shut up and accept it!



Taichi: Oh my god he’s totally a yakuza!

Omi: He’s definitely a yakuza.

Kazunari: I was so absorbed in our welcoming mood that I forgot for a sec.

Izumi: A-Anyway, I’ll explain how our theatre group works so let’s adjourn to the dorms!

Banri: ugh…hmph

Juza: ….hmph.

Izumi: (I have to thank Sakyo-san for dealing with that, but this troupe might just have the worst chemistry so far….!)

Translation Footnotes:
¹ 「大根役者」(Daikon Yakusha), literally “Radish Actor”, is a slang in Japanese for “lousy/crappy actor”, and is actually used a lot in this to refer to Juza and his complete incompetence as an actor. As a result, Banri ends up going on a slew of radish-related puns, like “go back to the fields” and “go and be the base of a miso soup” and stuff, and I felt it was better to leave it in rather than completely change it, hence this really stupid sounding translator’s note.

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