Act 3: Chapter 3

Act 3: Chapter 3

Act 3: Badboy Portrait

Chapter 3: The Last Member
Translator: ciel
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Translator’s Notes:

  • Names are in Last Name, First Name format, and romanisations follow the official ones written on the cards.
  • The Protagonist/Director is referred to as her default name, Tachibana Izumi.
  • I personally chose nuance over exact translation, however I try my best to be faithful to the original material as much as possible.
  • Autumn Troupe (or really, just Banri and Juza) as the resident “bad boys” have terrible potty mouths, and in order to best represent that, there is swearing in my translation.

Sharp-eyed Youth: What’s your problem, fuck face?

Juza: No you.

Sharp-eyed Youth: Eat shit.

Juza: fuckin’ eyesore.

Izumi: (They’ve been going at it like this since they got here…)

Taichi: They’ve been having a two-worded conversation for a while…

Kazunari: In a way, isn’t that a super high level conversation!?

Misumi: Triangle, triangle!

Taichi: Bro, that’s one word.

Juza: If you’re just here to laugh at me, then get lost.

Sharp-eyed Youth: As if I’d take orders from you.

Juza: …..

Sharp-eyed Youth: …..

Izumi: A-Anyway, er, could you both just line up here for me!?

Juza: …..

Sharp-eyed Youth: …..

Izumi: You don’t have to look at each other, jeez!

Taichi: In a way they think the same, huh!

Omi: You have a point….

Omi: Director, what time does the auditions begin?

Izumi: We should get started soon, but…

Izumi: (I guess Sakyo-san isn’t coming after all…)

Omi: Are you waiting for someone perhaps?

Muku: Oh right, who’s the other person that was scouted?

Izumi: Well…..

Sakyo: Heh. I see you’ve managed to barely scrape together 5 people.

Izumi: Sakyo-san!

Yuki: Ah, it’s the yakuza!

Taichi: Yakuza!?

Izumi: Thank goodness, you’re finally here!

Muku: Wait, does this mean the other person that was scouted was Sakyo-san?

Izumi: Yup.

Tenma: A yakuza member and a bunch of delinquents, seems like a pretty rowdy bunch we’ve got here.

Taichi: I-Is it gonna be okay……….?

Omi: Well now, let’s not judge people by their appearances.

Izumi: Sakyo-san might look a little scary, but he’s been watching over MANKAI company since a long time ago.

Muku: Eh?

Izumi: He knows and loves this acting troupe more than any of us here, and I believe he’s someone that’s indispensible to our troupe.

Tenma: So I guess he wasn’t just here to reclaim our debts.

Sakyo: ……Just cut to the chase. I’m here to act, and that’s all. Hurry up start the auditions.

Izumi: Yes!

Izumi: Okay, I’m gonna hand out the lines for your audition topic.

Izumi: One by one, I want you to give a simple introduction, and then read out the lines. Let’s start with Omi-kun.

Omi: ……Fushimi Omi, third year student at Hasei University. I have no acting experience.

Omi: And, the audition lines is, this I guess.

Omi: (awkward & loud) “Hello, mom? It’s me. I just went to check the results.”

Omi: “Yeah, I was accepted. Yes really. I still can’t believe it though.”

Omi: “Thank you.”

Izumi: (As expected, Omi-kun’s lack of experience shows through in his stiffness and awkwardness. Perhaps he’s never learnt acting at all until today.)

Izumi: (He definitely has the volume for it though, and you can hear his voice resound clearly. He might be great at roles that require power and presence in the future!)

Omi: …..Was that alright?

Izumi: Yes, thank you for your time!

Izumi: Next is Taichi-kun.

Taichi: Roger that! I’m Nanami Taichi, a second year at Ouka High School! I have absolute zero acting experience!

Taichi: “Hello, mom? It’s me. I just went to check the results.”

Taichi: “Yeah, I was accepted. Yes really. I still can’t believe it though.”

Taichi: “Thank you.”

Taichi: That’s all!

Izumi: (hm……?)

Izumi: (I wonder what it is. It’s not like he’s amazing or anything, but it sort of feels like he’s relaxed, like he’s used to it or something….)

Izumi: Have you ever attended any other auditions before?

Taichi: Nope, I’m a total noob at this!

Izumi: (Maybe he’s just good at adapting…..?)

Translation Footnotes:
ngl i pretty much made up that entire interaction at the start between juza and banri because I was dying to keep the ‘two word’ thing going on but a direct translation doesn’t retain the “feeling” and is infinitely less exciting, trust me.

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