Act 2: Chapter 3

Act 2: Chapter 3

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 3: The Prodigy Who Brings Forth a Storm of Commotion
Translator: rie
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Arrogant-looking Youth: This theatre really is a dump……

Izumi: Are you here to audition for us?

Arrogant-looking Youth: That’s right – who are you?

Izumi: I’m the director and chairperson of this theater. It’s nice to meet you.

Arrogant-looking Youth: Huh, you’re pretty young.

Izumi: (He seems somewhat dignified……or arrogant, should I say……)
Alright, join the line at the back. What’s your name?

Arrogant-looking Youth: ……Sumeragi Tenma.

Izumi: ?!

Sakuya: I’ve seen him on TV before!

Kazunari: Isn’t he super famous?! This is awesome~!

Yuki: Sumeragi Tenma – the actor, right?

Sakisaka: He started off as a child actor and though he’s just a high school student, he’s already been acting for 15 years and is known for his talent.

Yuki: Hmmm.

Tenma: ……You must’ve been living under a rock if you don’t know who I am.

Yuki: Hah?

Kazunari: Tenten, a signature please!

Tenma: ……‘Tenten’? Well, I don’t mind, but…

Izumi: (To think a famous celebrity like him would come audition for us……)

Izumi: We’ll be starting the audition now. We’ll start off by getting each of you to tell us your name, and how much experience you have in acting.

Yuki: Rurikawa Yuki, third year middle school student. No acting experience.

Tenma: Wait, you’re younger than I am?

Yuki: So what?

Tenma: Where are your manners?

Yuki: Haaaaah?

Kazunari: Alrighty, it’s my turn. Miyoshi Kazunari, second year college student. Just like Yukki, I have no experience in actin’.

Muku: H-Hello! I’m Sakisaka Muku, third year middle school student. I have no experience in acting.

Tenma: Seriously, everyone here’s an amateur? How is this audition even going to work out?

Izumi: Last but not least, Tenma-kun.

Tenma: There’s no need for me to introduce myself again, is there? I already did it just now.

Izumi: It’d be helpful if you could introduce yourself again. I’d like to know about how much acting experience you have, too.

Tenma: ……Sumeragi Tenma, second year high school student. I’ve been acting for 15 years……but not on stage.

Izumi: Never? Not even once?

Tenma: I’ve only ever gone for movies.

Kazunari: Daaaaamn! He’s so cool! Tenten’s parents are famous movie stars, so he doesn’t even have to do promos!

Tenma: ……Well, you’re not wrong.

Izumi: (He seems like the type to be picky about his jobs – I wonder why he decided to audition at our theater……)
Alright, now we’ll do a basic exercise.

Tenma: By exercise, you mean on this stage?

Izumi: Yes. Is that a problem or……?

Tenma: ……I guess it’s fine if it’s just an ‘exercise’.

Izumi: Is something the matter?

Tenma: No, it’s nothing.

Izumi: ?
I want all of you to say the phrase ‘Good morning’ 4 times, each time in either joy, anger, sadness, or excitement.
We’ll start off with you, Yuki-kun

Yuki: Alri~ght.
Good morning.’
‘Good morning!’
‘Good morning……’
‘Good morning~’
Like that?

Izumi: Yep, that’s just fine.
(He’s not afraid of performing, and he has a good grasp of what he has to do, too. It was right of me to trust my gut feeling!)

Next up is……

Tenma: What an amateur.

Yuki: Hah? Why do you keep on-

Izumi: Excuse me, Tenma-kun. We’re in the middle of an audition right now, so please keep your thoughts to yourself.

Tenma: Hmph.

Izumi: Next up, Kazunari-kun.

Kazunari: That’s me~ Joy, anger, sadness, and excitement, yeah?
‘Good morning!’
‘G-o-o-d  m-o-r-n-i-n-g.’
‘Good morning……’

Izumi: You ended up changing the actual line, but that’s alright.
(I have a pretty good feeling about Kazunari-kun too.)

Tenma: That’s alright? Aren’t you being too lenient?

Yuki: ……Shut up.

Tenma: Hah? Did you say something?

Izumi: Next! Muku-kun!

Muku: Y-yes!

Izumi: Is that really joy?

Muku: U-Um, I’m sorry!

Izumi: It’s alright, you don’t have to apologise. Try to be a bit more confident in yourself.

Muku: Yes……
‘Good morning.’
‘Good morning……’
‘Good morning.’
‘Good morning!’

Izumi: Yep yep.
(He’s not as bold as the two that went just now, but there’s a sort of delicacy to the way he acts – if he works on it, it could become one of his selling points!)

Tenma: (sighing)……

Muku: !! I-I’m sorry……

Izumi: Huh? What’s wrong? There’s no need to apologise.

Yuki: It’s because Mr Crappy Actor over here keeps on sighing. Seriously, keep your mouth shut.

Tenma: Oi, who are you calling a ‘crappy actor’?

Yuki: Obviously I’m referring to the crappy actor with the lame orange hair over here.

Tenma: What did you say?!

Muku: W-Wait, Rurikawa-kun. It’s my fault that my acting’s terrible and tasteless and a total mess……

Yuki: He didn’t even say that.

Izumi: Muku-kun, your acting isn’t terrible, tasteless, or a mess.
Next, Tenma-kun. It’s your turn.

Tenma: Hmph.

Yuki: After all this bragging, you better be at least somewhat decent. Why don’t you hurry up and show us what you’ve got?

Tenma: ……

Izumi: (He suddenly feels like a different person……)

Tenma: ‘Good morning.’
‘Good morning.’
‘Good morning.’
‘Good morning.’

Yuki: ……

Izumi: (Amazing……he was able to express joy, anger, sadness, and excitement without altering the line or doing anything over-the-top.)
(He’s beyond the level of someone who’s just ‘experienced.’ There’s no doubt that he’s a professional. His personality may cause some issues, but he’s unmistakably talented.)

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