Act 2: Chapter 2

Act 2: Chapter 2

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 2: Summer Troupe Auditions
Translator: rie
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Translator’s Notes:

  • Kazu’s speech pattern is…a bit of a challenge………..( ´ ▽ ` ;) I did my best to recreate the bright, carefree atmosphere he gives off though!!!!

Manager: I wonder if anyone will come to the auditions……

Izumi: How was the turnout for the previous audition?

Sakuya: I was the only one who came.

Manager: It was a one-to-one audition.

Sakuya: As soon as I got here, I got told ‘You’re in,’ and that was it.

Izumi: Do your job properly……!

Kazunari: Hey~

Yuki: Excuse me.

Izumi: Ah, welcome! I’m glad the two of you came.

Sakuya: Kazunari-kun and Yuki-kun?!

Tsuzuru: When you said you scouted a few people, did you mean these two?

Izumi: That’s right. They have quite a lot of potential, don’t they?

Yuki: I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to do this yet.

Izumi: Oh, really?

Yuki: I came with the intention of hearing what you have to say first, before making a decision.

Kazunari: I’m defo up for this. It looks like it’ll be a fun ride. Tsuzurun, I’m looking forward to workin’ with you~

Tsuzuru: That’s your reason?!

Kazunari: It’s totally cool. It’s not like I’ve got anythin’ to do anyways – and I’m always open for making new friends.

Izumi: So casual……!
(W-well, I guess it doesn’t matter what anyone’s motive for joining is. It’s fine as long as they learn to see how fun performing can be.)
Yuki-kun, do you want to join too – just to see what it’s like?

Yuki: Mmm……but it’s not like I really have an interest in acting or anything.

Izumi: I think the costumes you make fit you yourself the most, Yuki-kun. I’m sure you’ll shine on stage.

Yuki: Ah, that does pique my interest a little.
Even when I’m making the costumes, sometimes I get stuck because I don’t know how the costumes are going to work when they’re actually worn on stage.

Tsuzuru: Why don’t you just become a costume designer-cum-performer? It’ll be a worthwhile experience.

Yuki: True……I guess I’ll give it a try.

Izumi: Yay~! Thank you!

Sakuya: I look forward to working with you, Yuki-kun!

Itaru: Looking forward to it.

Kazunari: So your name’s Yukki, huh? What a mega-cutie! I’m Miyoshi Kazunari. Let’s exchange numbers!

Yuki: ……For your information, I’m male.

Kazunari: Really? Still, you’re mega-cute!

Yuki: ……Am I going to be in the same group as Social-Butterfly-Guy over here?

Izumi: Y-yep. But you’ll be just fine! He’s not a bad person! I think!

Yuki: ……You think?

Timid-looking Youth: E-Excuse me……

Tsuzuru: It’s fine – he’s a good person at heart! At heart!

Yuki: At heart?

Timid-looking Youth: U-um……

Kazunari: Yukki, you made the costumes for Romeo and Julius, right? That was sick as hell! It didn’t stray from the original text, but still had a twist to it. Sooo awesome~!

Yuki: ……Thanks.

Timid-looking Youth: Excuse me!!

Izumi: ?!

Masumi: ……What?

Timid-looking Youth: S-Sorry for raising my voice! I tried to get your attention a couple times, but……

Yuki: ……Huh?

Izumi: Sorry for not noticing you earlier. Is there anything I can do to help you?

Timid-looking Youth: Um, is this the venue for the auditions?

Izumi: That’s right, but……could it be that you’re here for the Summer Troupe auditions?!

Timid-looking Youth: Y-yes. Please take good care of me……

Yuki: Sakisaka, you’re going to audition for this?

Sakisaka: Eh? Rurikawa-kun……?!

Izumi: Yuki-kun, you know him?

Yuki: We’re classmates.

Izumi: Really?! What a coincidence.

Yuki: I had no idea you were interested in acting, Sakisaka.

Sakisaka: Y-yeah, I am. I thought it’d be nice just to try out for this……Rurikawa-kun, you too?

Yuki: I’ve been working here as a costume designer, and got invited to this.

Sakisaka: You’re amazing, Rurikawa-kun.

Yuki: It’s really nothing much.

Sakisaka: I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail……

Izumi: (Judging by the amount of people here, I’m sure everyone’s going to pass……)
Well – for now, let’s get started on the auditions. Yuki-kun and Kazunari-kun, could the two of you participate too?

Kazunari: Sure.

Yuki: Alright.

Sakisaka: Please take good care of me……!

Arrogant-looking Youth: ——Hey. Is this the audition venue?

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