Act 2: Chapter 1

Act 2: Chapter 1

Act 2: A Summer of Overcomings!

Chapter 1: What Comes After Spring
Translator: rie
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Translator’s Notes:

  • Citron, being a ‘foreign exchange student,’ isn’t very good at Japanese — he speaks with a really strong accent but I can’t really express that through a translation, so please use your imagination!!! w

Izumi: Ahem – we will now be hosting a party celebrating the success of the Spring Troupe’s very first performance, as well as for having a full house on the final day!

Sakuya: Yaaaay! We did it, everyone!

Tsuzuru: Good job, guys~

Itaru: We did good.

Masumi: ……We did it.

Citron: Good work, everyone~

Manager: (sobbing) I’m so glad the theatre’s not getting s-shut down.

Tsuzuru: It’s still too early for tears, Manager!

Izumi: Everyone’s got their drinks, right? Sakuya-kun, since you’re the leader, I’ll leave you to give the toast.

Sakuya: Eh?! Me?!

Tsuzuru: Go, Leader!

Sakuya: I’ve never given a toast before, so I think it’d be better if you did it, Director……!

Masumi: Hurry up, Sakuya.

Itaru: Hurry, hurry.

Citron: You just gotta slacks!

Sakuya: You mean ‘relax,’ right? Um, well then-
In the very beginning, I was the only member here. Just having the opportunity to perform on a stage at all was enough for me.
But then I was told the theatre might get shut down, the Director came here, and all of you joined……
I started wanting to become a better actor. I wanted to put together better performances.

Izumi: ……Mhm.

Sakuya: During our final performance today, I had the best time I’ve ever had in my entire life.
It made want to experience the same feeling of joy again, or just stay in the moment forever. That’s how happy I was.

Tsuzuru: ……Yep.

Itaru: Me too.

Sakuya: I still have a long way to go, but please continue to work with me, everyone! Let’s produce even better performances from here on out!

Citron: Yes!

Masumi: Of course we will.

Sakuya: Well then – cheers!!

Tsuzuru: Cheers!

Itaru: Cheers~

Citron: Cheers!

Masumi: ……Haa~

Izumi: Masumi-kun, you’re drinking too fast!

Manager: (sobbing) It’s just l-like the old tiiiiiimes……

Izumi: Manager, your crying is getting excessive!

Tsuzuru: Speaking of crying – nobody expected Itaru-san to cry, huh?~

Sakuya: It almost made me want to cry a little too.

Itaru: My leg just hurt so bad.

Tsuzuru: Eh?! That’s the reason?!

Citron: Itaru’s trying to hide his bararassment.

Sakuya: ‘Bararassment’?

Itaru: Did you mean, ’embarrassment’?

Citron: That’s it.

Tsuzuru: That one’s way too hard to understand!

Izumi: Ahaha!

Tsuzuru: By the way, do we have any plans for our next performance?

Izumi: Next up is the Summer Troupe’s performance.
Since we have to gather 15 members to form the remaining Summer, Autumn, and Winter Troupes and then have them perform something each before the end of the year, we’ll have to wait until next year before the Spring Troupe can perform again.

Tsuzuru: So we won’t be on stage for quite a while, then~

Itaru: Guess I’ll be able to make a good amount of progress on that new game I have……

Izumi: I’ll be making sure that all of you still train everyday!

Itaru: Seriously…?

Sakuya: It’s a bit unfortunate, but I’ll practice lots and lots and improve my skills before the next performance!

Izumi: Please do. The results for the survey regarding your performance have come in, so we’ve got to make your next performance even better.

Tsuzuru: Speaking of which, there was one survey response to our final performance that was written in extreme detail.
The positives and negatives combined, there were 10 pages.

Izumi: That’s a lot……!

Itaru: Was it from Yuuzo-san or something?

Tsuzuru: Nope, it was anonymous.

Sakuya: That just shows how much heart this person put into watching us!

Citron: We should be thanking them~

Izumi: We’ve got to do our best to make use of their advice, haven’t we?
Besides, even though the Spring Troupe’s performance went well, the theatre’s still going to be shut down if the other 3 performances don’t succeed. I’m hoping all of you will act as support.

Citron: Of course we will!

Masumi: I’ll do anything for you.

Izumi: Tsuzuru-kun, I’ll be relying on you to write the Summer Troupe’s script again.

Tsuzuru: Sure thing.

Itaru: One down, three left to go, huh. Guess we can’t let our guards down just yet.

Izumi: Exactly. We’ll have to go out and recruit new members again……

Sakuya: Shall we go and perform some Street Acts again?

Izumi: I included a notice for the Summer Troupe auditions in the leaflets during the final performance, so I think some people will come.
Besides, there’s a few people I’d like to scout myself, so hopefully things will be alright……

Sakuya: Scout?

Tsuzuri: Who?

Izumi: I invited them to tomorrow’s auditions, so just come along and you’ll know.

Itaru: Maybe it’s Tetsuro-san……

Sakuya: Could it really be him?!

Tsuzuri: We wouldn’t even be able to hear his lines!

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