Sumeragi Tenma N Backstage Story – The Arrogant Lost Child

Sumeragi Tenma N Backstage Story – The Arrogant Lost Child

Sumeragi Tenma N ~Door to Summer~ Backstage Story

Translator: Yukina

The Arrogant Lost Child

Izumi: (That person over there is…Tenma? I wonder what he’s doing wandering around?)
Izumi: (Come to think about it, he was just arguing with Yuki. Could it be that he’s not adjusting well…?)
Izumi: Tenma? Is something the matter?
Tenma: WOAH!
Tenma: –What it’s just you? …Nothing is wrong in particular.
Izumi: If that’s true then that’s fine. Is that…juice in your hands?
Tenma: Yeah…I lost a match of scissors paper rock with Rurikawa. It couldn’t be helped so I’m getting 2 persons’ worth of juice.
Izumi: Is that so.
Izumi: (So he is getting along fine. That’s good)
Izumi: But in that case, shouldn’t you hurry back? Is it possible that you don’t know where your room is or something?
Tenma: HUH!? N-no, o-of course not! I’m just about to go back now!
Izumi: Oh. …Are you really okay?
Tenma: Yeah, I’m going now alright?! See ya!
Izumi: Okay, good night. —Tenma, your room is in the opposite direction!

Tenma: ………… I got it wrong.
Izumi: (As I thought, he doesn’t know how to get back….)
Izumi: Tenma, your room is up the stairs, and straight down the hallway to the left.
Tenma: I-I’m just not used to it yet okay?! Good night!
Izumi: Okay, good night….Hey wait! Not that way!
Tenma: I-It’s hard to understand! ……………….
Izumi: …..Tenma, are you perhaps someone with no sense of direction?


Tenma: Not in particular! …J-just a little bad at remembering directions. It’s more that I’ve been taken to and from everywhere since I was a child, and didn’t have much chance to go out on my own….
Izumi: I see. That’s why you’re not used to remembering how to get to places.
Tenma: Something like that.
Yuki: So this is where you were!
Izumi: Ah, Yuki.
Yuki: Slowpoke! You crappy actor!
Tenma: Which part of me is crappy?!


Yuki: You’re crappy aren’t you? You couldn’t even bring back a bottle of juice!
Tenma: What did you say!? Then you should’ve just gotten it yourself!!
Yuki: You’re the one who lost the match! Jeez go back already. Sigh…Why do I have to come pick you up?
Tenma: I never asked you to! In the first place, you–
Izumi: (…They left. Well they’re getting along…right? ….Even so, I might be a little worried)

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