Miyoshi Kazunari N Back Stage Story – New Home Nao!

Miyoshi Kazunari N Back Stage Story – New Home Nao!

Miyoshi Kazunari N ~Door to Summer~ Back Stage Story

Translator: Yukina



Izumi: (Uh, tomorrow’s plans are….)
Kazunari: Ah! Director! Good timing~!
Izumi: Kazunari?

Kazunari: Srsly nice timing~ Hey,  could I get just a few photos!
Izumi: Photos? What are you taking photos of?
Kazunari: Over here over here!


Kazunari: Hm~, wonder if this area is good enough? Here you go, my smartphone! TY~
Izumi: Ah, so you want photo of yourself right? Okay, here I go~ Say cheese!
Kazunari: Thank you!
Izumi: Is this alright?
Kazunari: Let’s see let’s see~….

Kazunari: Ah, sorry, could you take a bit more of the background? And my face is a lil’ dark so up the brightness a little…Please take it again like this!
Izumi: Okay, say cheese! –How about this?
Kazunari: Hmm, I look a little too small in this one~ And the angle? Could you take it a bit more like this?
Izumi: Then, I’ll take it one more time okay? Say cheese! — Alright, this one should be okay right?
Kazunari: Ah, this time I’m a bit too much to the front so the background got a lil’ too hidden maybe. Probably take it more this way.
Izumi: ……… (what a pain……..)
Kazunari: Once more! Once more please!
Izumi: Jeez, this is the final one okay? Then, say cheese!
Kazunari: Ohhh! Nice one! TY!!
Izumi: Who are you going to send that one to? Friends?
Kazunari: Rather than sending, I’m only going to UL it.
Izumi: UL……..?
Kazunari: Look here. This is an SNS called 『Insta』! You can UL photos and comment on them.
Izumi: I see. Ah, this is the photo from just now isn’t it?…Uh…『Celebrating my move! My new place is srsly cool!』….?
Izumi: Wow, in the blink of an eye you got so many comments! Things like 『Grats on the move』 and 『There’s a courtyard!』…
Kazunari: Oh, what what? There are comments like 『I wanna see the other places too』. Alrighty, Director, let’s go!
Izumi: Where to?
Kazunari: The living room should be good enuff for nao. Photos there this time thx!

Izumi: Eh!? I’m taking it again!? Come on, you could ask your room mate Muku…
Kazunari: Mukkun is already sleeping~ It’d be a pity to wake him.
Izumi: (I-if you say it like that, I have nothing to say back….)
Kazunari: Come on, Director, faster faster!
Izumi: Eeeeeeeeh~………..

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