Act 3: Chapter 2

Act 3: Chapter 2

Act 3: Badboy Portrait

Chapter 2: Autumn Troupe Auditions
Translator: ciel
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Translator’s Notes:

  • Names are in Last Name, First Name format, and romanisations follow the official ones written on the cards.
  • The Protagonist/Director is referred to as her default name, Tachibana Izumi.
  • I personally chose nuance over exact translation, however I try my best to be faithful to the original material as much as possible.
  • Autumn Troupe (or really, just Banri and Juza) as the resident “bad boys” have terrible potty mouths, and in order to best represent that, there is swearing in my translation.
  • Sorry not sorry but my Kazu is literally just a walking meme….

Muku: Director-san, are there people that were scouted for the audition this time too?

Izumi: Well, there are two that I tried inviting.

Tenma: Do we know them?

Izumi: Yeah. I’m not really sure if one of them will actually come though….

Izumi: (I wonder if Sakyou-san will really come…..)

Misumi: Maybe a triangle-like person will come~

Yuki: As if someone like that exists.

Kazunari: I have my bets on a person with a triangular face! Aaaanyhoo, let’s wait and see~

Red-headed Boy: Hey wassup guys!

Omi: Please excuse me.

Misumi: Ah, they’re here~!

Muku: Welcome! The audition hall is this way!

Tenma: Huh, so the camera man was scouted.

Kazunari: Ah! If it isn’t Omimi!

Omi: Hm? Mimi…..? Is there something wrong with my ears ¹?

Kazunari: Well, you’re Fushimi Omi-kun, so Omimi for short!

Omi: ……Is that…my nickname?

Kazunari: Yepperz! So Omimi was the one who was scouted huh~! Hella~

Omi: Hell………?

Muku: Let’s get along, Omi-san!

Omi: Ah, aah, yes, please take good care of me.

Kazunari: And what about you over there?

Taichi: Ah! The name’s Nanao Taichi! I haven’t got a lick of acting experience, but I reaaaally wanna be popular, so here I am!

Kazunari: Like, tell me about it~!

Taichi: I wanna bring all the cute girls to my yard!

Kazunari: Totally~! Ah, I’m Miyoshi Kazunari! Hella!

Taichi: Hella hella!

Izumi: (How…casual…….He gives off the same vibe as Kazunari-kun)

Yuki: And thus the Wanwan Combi ² was formed between Taichi and Kazunari. The stupid dogs with a total intelligence and personality rating of 1 out of 10.

Kazunari: Yukki, that’s sooooo mean!

Taichi: ーー.

Yuki: …….what?

Taichi: Ah, um, Yukki-san, was it? I’m like, really pleased to make your aquaintance!!

Misumi: Both his hair and face are a bright, bright red~

Tenma: Listen, I don’t wanna burst your bubble or anything, but despite how this little shit looks, he’s just an underhanded shitty guy alright?

Yuki: What was all that unnecessary additional information that no one asked for?

Taichi: A guy!? Wait, for real!?

Taichi: If this is a guy…… can that be possible…..No way….I had totally prepared my heart for all the so-called tragic love dramatics that you hear happening behind the scenes in acting troupes all the time….

Yuki: That kind of preparation is totally unnecessary though.

Tenma: ……Wait. You kind of look familiar…..

Taichi: Ah, aa~ isn’t it cuz we go to the same high school? I totally knew you, Ten-chan!

Izumi: You’re from the same school as Tenma-kun?

Taichi: Ouka High School, 2nd Year, Class D!

Tenma: ……So it’s because we’re in the same year, huh.

Izumi: Anyway, moving on, will you tell us a little bit about why you chose to attend the audition, Omi-kun?

Izumi: I assumed you had some interest in stage plays which is why I invited you, but let’s hear it anyway.

Omi: I……it’s become my dream to be an actor.

Izumi: (….become? That’s kind of a strange way to phrase it….)

Izumi: (I felt it a little back then too, but it seems like he might have some kind of hidden baggage. I guess he’s not ready to tell us the whole story yet.)

Slickback Youth: Oi.

Izumi: !?

Slickback Youth: This is the audition hall, right?

Yuki: Who’s this default template delinquent?

Muku: …Ah!

Izumi: This is the right place. Are you perhaps interested in auditioning?

Slickback Youth: Yeah.

Muku: Ju-cha–…!

Slickback Youth: …..Aa? Don’t talk to me so casually.

Muku: ーー.

Kazunari: Mukkun? You okay? What’s wrong, bby boy?

Muku: I-It’s nothing….

Izumi: Well then, could I get you to stand in line over here with the others?

Slickback Youth: ………..

Manager: Come now, it’s over here! I brought another potential recruit in~!

Sharp-eyed Youth: Wait, I’m tellin’ you, I’m not—

Slickback Youth: ーー.

Sharp-eyed Youth: ーー.

Slickback Youth: Why the fuck are you here….

Sharp-eyed Youth: Stop stealing my lines, you dickwad.

Slickback Youth: Aa?

Slanted-eyed Youth: Aan?

Manager: Eep!!

Izumi: E-E-Excuse me!?

Izumi: (Why does it feel like they’re going to break out into a fight any minute!?)

Omi: ……Well, this is quite the disturbance.

Taichi: Ah! I just remembered! That guy, it’s Hyodo Juza-san!

Omi: An acquaintance of yours?

Taichi: He’s a senior at my school. He’s like, suuuuuper famous for being unbeatable in fights!

Sharp-eyed Youth: The fuck did you just say?

Slickback Youth: You wanna fuckin’ go?

Kazunari: Isn’t this what you call a stand up ³!?

Misumi: I found a triangle person~! His eyes are triangle-y!

Muku: Misumi-san, it’s dangerous so don’t get too close!

Izumi: (It seems like the Autumn Troupe will be made of quite a difficult bunch once again….!)

Translation Footnotes:
¹ ‘mimi’ is the word for ‘ears’ in Japanese, hence why Omi misunderstood.

² I left this as original since it sounded cuter, but ‘wan wan’ is the Japanese equivalent of ‘woof woof’, and combi is just short for combination, so Wanwan Combi is just a really insulting way of calling them doges, because Yuki is vicious like that. 

³ Kazunari says in the original text ‘mantai’ (マンタイ)but I am assuming he’s actually trying to say ‘taiman’ (対マン), which is a Japanese slang term meaning ‘man-to-man showdown’. As such, I would translate it as “stand off”, had the term been correct, but since Kazunari says it wrong, I went with a messed up version.

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