Act 3: Chapter 1

Act 3: Chapter 1

Act 3: Badboy Portrait

Chapter 1: Portrait 1 / Settsu Banri
Translator: ciel
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Translator’s Notes:

  • Names are in Last Name, First Name format, and romanisations follow the official ones written on the cards.
  • I personally chose nuance over exact translation, however I try my best to be faithful to the original material as much as possible.
  • Autumn Troupe (or really, just Banri and Juza) as the resident “bad boys” have terrible potty mouths, and in order to best represent that, there is swearing in my translation.
  • This chapter is a monologue in Banri’s PoV and is posted in a unique format to match the tone. Banri’s speech lines are denoted in orange, Juza’s are in purple, Matsukawa’s are in green, mob characters are in grey.

–Anything would do. All I wanted was something that could make me feel.

Even without putting in any effort, whether it was sports, studies, fighting, or anything really, I was always better than everyone.
Everyday was boring and uneventful.

Whether it was being on the verge of committing a crime, or putting my own life on the line, I didn’t give a damn.

In order to quench my endless thirst, I did anything and everything.

Life was just on Easy Mode.
Watching all those people who’d get serious and desperate was just so strange to me.

Why are you even trying so hard?
Even though everything’s just so damn easy?

“Hey, did you hear? Hyodo Juza just beat up the head of Yama High”
“No fuckin’ way, him again?”

My interest was piqued by the conversation between the guys I hung out with for some reason or other, despite not really being close to them or anything.

“Who’s that?”
“A yankee from O High. He’s been standing out since junior high”
“He’s always alone right? What do you call ‘em again…A lone wolf?”

O High’s just within walking distance.
With that thought, I stood up.

“Banri, you off already?”
“I’m gonna go for a casual hunt”
“Are you serious?”
“I have no idea what on earth Banri’s thinking about”

(Even I have no bloody idea what I’m thinking about)

I responded in my mind to the voices I could hear behind me as I headed off alone towards O High.

—–scene change—–

“…………we done yet?”

(No way, I can’t stand. My knees have given in and I can’t get up. What the hell is this!?)

I had called out towards a guy that seemed like it could be him and threw out a few of my best “pleasantries”.
But before I knew it I was rolling on the floor.

It was my first time experiencing anything like it since I was born.
I had no idea what the fuck just happened.

“…………See ya”
“Hold up, you piece of shit!”

Without even glancing at me, he quietly walked off.

It was my first ever defeat.
Without exaggeration, it was the first time in the 17 years since I was born that I had lost to someone else.

In the two weeks that it took to heal my wounds, all I could think about was how to defeat him.

“This time I won’t lose” I said as I faced him once again, but without even putting up his defenses, he glanced away.

“Oi, why’re you ignoring me?!”
“I’m not doing it with you again.”
“Up until now, all those guys that came at me aspired to take the “top”. But you’re different.”
“There’s no worth in fighting you.”
“What, you runnin’ away?”

No matter how many times I provoked him, he never gave a single response.
All I could do was watch him walk away, while feeling like every single one of my punches was dodged.

Quitting while he’s ahead? As if I’d let him.
No matter what, I needed to challenge and defeat him.

—–scene change—–

As I was thinking that, I saw him walk into a shabby theatre one day.

(You mean he actually watches stuff like stage plays?)

Snorting at him, I peeped in through the entrance.
On the door was a poster saying “Autumn Troupe Audition Hall”.

“Ah! You must be here to audition for the Autumn Troupe! Come come, it’s right this way!”
“Huh? I’m not really–”
“It’s about to begin!”

Without knowing what the hell was going on, I was forcefully shoved into the theater by a curly haired guy that wouldn’t listen to me.

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